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leadership management course educational sector schools course training

Honing Your Leadership Skills In Education

It's All Totally Bespoke!

leadership management course educational sector schools course training
leadership management course educational sector schools course training

A Quick Overview

The skills you need to be effective as a manager or leader might well be different from the skills that got you promoted to that position...


This bespoke, soft skills course is designed for those who wish to explore their leadership skills. With sessions ranging from a one-hour workshop to multiple days, we’ll cover a range of topics to help you explore how you are truly effective.


Taking some best practices, academic theories and people’s own experiences, we’ll create a practical, discursive, thought-provoking session to help you explore and hone the way you lead and manage. You’ll leave with a wider understanding of what it takes to engage those around you and practical solutions to deal with the every-day problems managers and leaders face.


The bespoke nature of this training means we will build exactly what you need, but ideas for session topics include:


  • Defining My Unique Style Of Leadership

  • Balancing Your Role As A Leader

  • Wellbeing  - The Science Behind The Hype

  • Engaging Your Team

  • Communicating effectively with your team

  • Coaching Your Team To Grow

  • Managing Stress and Wellbeing

  • Performers Toolbox

  • Creating High Performing Teams

  • Leading Change

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