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We love to help you develop and hone the tennis skills you need to achieve success on the court. We'll help you hone the foundation skills, and then support you to create your own unique style of play. 

By combining skills in tennis, athleticism and exploring some of the psychology of sport, we'll help you become (what we like to call) The Ultimate Sporting Hero! Sport often mimics life, so these skills taught for use on the court will help in life outside of the court, whether they are dealing with pressure, setting great goals or maintaining self-belief in tough situations.

Great Courses Grow With You

We believe that the best courses grow with you to make sure you are always challenged and supported at the right level. Our sports courses, therefore, come in three tiers

Love The Sport

For Years 5&6

Here, the focus is on learning to love the sport. We'll start to introduce concepts from all three Zones (Sport, Physical, Mental), but the real focus is on having fun and ensuring you are continually challenged to develop

Get Competitive

For Years 7&8

Here, the focus is on adding skills to help you be competitive. We'll build on the themes from the Develop Courses and Add in new ones from each of our Key Zones (Sport, Physical Mental) to make sure you are continually challenged to develop.

Go All The Way...

For Years 9&10

Here, the focus is on fine-tuning your skills, to allow you to bring that little bit of magic when you play. We'll build on skills learnt in Develop and Perform courses, exploring them in more detail, and ADD in new ones to make sure you are continually challenged to develop.

It's About More Than Sport

Our main focus is on developing the tennis skills needed to create lots of success on the pitch.

We then ADD skills to help you develop as a physical athlete. These are useful whatever sport you play. Here, we'll explore things like speed, power, agility, injury prevention and more.

We then ADD skills to help you develop as a mental athlete. These are useful across all sports... and life. Things we might explore could be thriving under pressure, developing self-belief, leading and inspiring teams and more.

Check out all the details of what's included in our bespoke tennis programme below.

Youth Sports Course Framework
Youth Tennis Courses

The Tennis Zone

This zone is all about honing foundation skills and then adding layers to your game. We will help you refine and consolidate existing skills and then look to challenge you with new ones to add style to add flair.

Players will have the opportunity to compare their game to top professional players that inspire and influence how they wish to play and then explore how they can emulate their heroes in their own game with match-winning skills and tactics

Good tennis players are fast. Top tennis players are fast, strong, flexible, have great coordination, endurance and more. Breaking these skills down into bite-sized pieces will allow you to focus a little bit of energy on each one, moving you ever-closer to becoming what we like to call the 'Ultimate Sporting Hero'.

Youth Athletic Development

The Physical Zone

Youth Sports Psychology

The Mental Zone

Here we explore some of the psychology behind sport, looking at practical tips to make sure we are mentally fit for maximum performance. We’ll look at how athletes develop self-belief, become mentally resilient, thrive under pressure and more - giving you some tools to ensure peak performance, both on and off the court.

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