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We know it isn't always possible, or practical to run courses in person. There are a number of different options for this course to make sure it fits easily into your way of working.

In Person

We love coming and seeing you in person. Sitting in the same room can be really helpful to create a safe, fun atmosphere to have some really powerful conversations

Remote Learning

This course can be run in a fully remote way. We keep our groups small, so we can still have discussions, reflection time and opportunities to practice all the tools in this toolkit


We know school timetables are challenging to fit great training into. This course can be run flexibly to best fit into your timetable, with parts run remotely and parts in person

Education Sector Specialists

What Makes Oodles Training Different?

At Oodles Training we only offer training in subjects we're passionate about, so whichever course you choose we know their passion and natural interest in their subject will shine through.

Oodles Training is based around 3 core principles:


Every single one of you is different, so your training should reflect this. Whether it's a totally bespoke course or just a few tweaks, we know that if training is relevant and appropriate, it will be better retained


Because we only coach topics that we're passionate about we genuinely love having the opportunity to share that passion with you and help inspire you and the team around you. Let's spark up some enthusiasm!


Whatever the topic and whatever the reason for your booking, our lively, interactive courses will give you a fresh approach, some interesting thoughts and some helpful 'real-life' tips that you can take away and implement.

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There are lots of ways to say hello. Fill out this quick form, and we'll say hello. If you would rather, send us an email to You can also give us a call on 07444 021 023. If we're all out coaching, leave us a message and we'll get back to you very soon!

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