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We are passionate about education and love working with students, teachers, managers, support staff, and more to further develop the great work you do. Whether it's Ofsted, ISI, DfE and HSE-compliant training or some bespoke, centre-specific coaching, all of our courses are tailored to ensure they are relevant to 'your world' and interesting to you

In Person / Blended Training:


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fire safety course schools education

Fire Safety

first aid courses schools education

First Aid

Fist Bump


mental health courses schools education

Mental Health

Teacher and Pupil


Live-Virtual / Online Training:

Meeting at the office

Appraisal Skills L1

Flight Board

GDPR Data Protection L3


Ladder Awareness L2

Public Speaker

Presentation Skills L1

Support Group

Coaching L1

Image by Quaritsch Photography


Fist Bump

Leadership Development

Teacher and Pupil


Work Decisions

Complaint Handling L1

Image by Anna Selle

Equality & Diversity L2

Image by Elena Mozhvilo

Legionella Awareness

yellow and black no smoking sign_edited.jpg

Slips, Trips & Falls L2

Image by Afif Ramdhasuma

Conflict Management L2

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Safety

Image by Sigmund

Major Incident Planning L3

Image by Ethan Johnson

Working at Height L2

Image by Markus Spiske


First Aid for a broken arm

First Aid

Image by Jeppe Hove Jensen


Call Center Employee

Customer Services L2

Image by DDP

Health & Safety L2

Three Big Puppies

Professionals Pet 1st Aid L3

... Or we can just stay in touch! 

Courses for teachers

Courses For Teachers

... and managers, support staff and everyone else who makes your school work. From training to help keep people safe, like first aid, to courses that help people grow, like leadership development, we love to support your staff.

With the ability to tailor each course to your unique requirements, don't hesitate to let us know exactly what you want!

Courses For Students

We have lots of courses specifically designed to support your students and develop key life skills. Whether you are interested in sending your students out into the world with a first aid qualification or would like to support those taking on leadership roles in your school, such as Prefects or Captains, we have courses designed for young people.

We know how tight time is in schools, so ask us how we can tailor these courses to utilise weekends or evenings to make sure they work for you and your students.

Courses for Students

We know your requirements are unique. 
Let us create something bespoke for you. Email us now for some friendly advice or to book a course.

remote learning, blended learning, in person courses

Flexible Learning Options

We know it isn't always possible, or practical to run courses in person. There are a number of different options for this course to make sure it fits easily into your way of working.

Face To Face

We love coming and seeing you in person. Sitting in the same room can be really helpful to create a safe, fun atmosphere to have some really powerful conversations

Live Virtual

With new ways of working, remote learning is becoming more popular. Lots of our courses lend themselves to this, and we love to deliver training in this way



We know managing complex diaries and timetables makes it challenging to fit in great training. Many of our courses can be run as onlinelearning, to allow you to access it at a time that suits you


Many of our courses can be run as blended learning, with parts happening in person and other parts as remote learning. This flexible way of learning is great to get the best of both worlds

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There are lots of ways to say hello. Fill out this quick form, and we'll say hello. If you would rather, send us an email to You can also give us a call on 07444 021 023. If we're all out coaching, leave us a message and we'll get back to you very soon!

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