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In Sports Clubs

Is Everyone Protected?

The Level 2 course is perfect for anyone who works with children or vulnerable adults in sport.  This might be coaching or officiating but also volunteers, freelance and ancillary staff.  It's important to remember that safeguarding is everyone's responsibility and we want to make sure that your team know what to look out for, how to protect themselves and also what to do if they have any concerns.

If you are part of the lead safeguarding team or taking on the role of the Designated Safeguarding Lead or Nominated Person in your club then you should probably consider doing the Level 3 course

safeguarding in sport course

Who Is This Course Designed For?

safeguarding in sport course

What's Covered On This Course?

Our Safeguarding of Children Level 2 (VTQ) course is aimed at anyone who is working with children and young people.  It's also know as 'Child Protection training' and covers a wide variety of topics including types of abuse, how to recognise problems and what to do if you have a concern.  We will also look at things you should be doing to help protect yourself whilst working with children.

If you work with adults we also offer a Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults Level 2 (VTQ) course and if you need both qualifications we can dual certify for a small additional fee.

safeguarding in sport course

Need Something
A Bit Different?

We pride ourselves in being flexible!  These details are for our Level 2 Safeguarding of Children and Level 2 Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults courses.  But if you need something a little bit different just shout!

Maybe you work with children and vulnerable adults?  We can dual certify and cover both courses for an additional £10 per person.

Need a Level 3 course?  If you are the Designated Safeguarding Lead or Nominated Person you might need a the Level 3 qualification.  The Level 3 is a one day course (although we can split it over several sessions if needed).  It can be run remotely via live webinar or in person just drop us a note for more details!


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